VAHF Vision Statement

For several years now we have been busy laying the foundation for what, we believe, will become a very unique adventure. If our progress has, at times, seemed slow, it is perhaps because many of our members may not be fully aware of what we are ultimately striving for nor indeed how we are going to get there. In fact we have made tremendous progress in many areas and, coupled with a steady growth in membership, we believe we are right on track. Nonetheless, for the benefit of those who are perhaps less well acquainted with our goals, I have tried to clarify our plans, both long and short term, in this Vision Statement.

Let me begin by clarifying a few of the basic guiding principles that have brought me to the point of founding Vintage Aviation Historical Foundation (VAHF). As those of you that have known me for any length of time can attest, my passion has been to build and fly old aeroplanes. More than just this, I have become impassioned about the whole era that fostered the history of aviation. It is my personal goal to work with this history, share it with others, and above all, have a good time in the process. I soon realized that as much fun as it is to work among these great old artifacts, I really enjoy sharing this passion with other like-minded individuals. I love what I do and I wanted to be able to share it with as many other people as possible. Thats why VAHF is about sharing and enjoying the preservation of an exciting period in our history. It is not about Roger Freeman and all of the "stuff" that he has been able to accumulate! The era of early days of aviation is the object of our passion; VAHF is a vehicle through which to enjoy and project it. In the process it has become very obvious that history is much more about people than artifacts. That is why VAHF is a Living History Membership Participation organization. The key words are "Living" and "Participation". Anyone who is looking for a dog-and-pony show will be disappointed. If you don't join in, how do you expect everyone else to? And if no-one else joins in, there will be no show at all! So it's all down to our members, present and future! To get to the heart of the matter, the following will explain how I propose our mission will be most successfully accomplished. There will be two separate 501(c)(3) non-profit corporations: the Vintage Aviation Historical Foundation and the Pioneer Flight Museum. Following is a brief explanation of the function of these two organizations.

Vintage Aviation Historical Foundation

VAHF Open House

VAHF is, in the strictest sense, a "people" organization. It was founded so that people who share a passion for early aviation history could get together and direct their enthusiasm into a lasting accomplishment that will continue to grow and eventually pass onto our successors. Members have the opportunity of taking part in preserving our history and in presenting it to others. The mission statement of VAHF is: To Preserve, present and perpetuate the rich history of early flight. "Bringing together people of all ages and from all walks of life who share a passionate enthusiasm for the pioneer days of manned flight and the golden age of aviation". We have been able to bring other, smaller groups into VAHF because they share an interest in the era. Examples include re-enactors who study and portray the human aspect of that wonderful era; or those whose interest lies in the building and flying of radio controlled models of these great old birds. No matter how one chooses to participate, membership in VAHF is designed to offer a wonderful mixture of camaraderie and purpose. The primary objectives of VAHF are two-fold: firstly to foster a sense of participation and fun, through group activity and education, creating awareness of this great era in history and, in a sense, providing an opportunity to relive it. Secondly, to provide support for the development and maintenance of the Pioneer Flight Museum at Old Kingsbury Aerodrome. This is the legacy we shall be passing on to future generations.

Pioneer Flight Museum

Groundbreaking for the Pioneer Flight Museum

Like VAHF, the Pioneer Flight Museum will be an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. However, while VAHF is primarily a "people" organization, the PFM will be a "things" organization. It will function as a repository for the preservation and display of the artifacts that will help us tell our story a "living history" museum, in the truest sense of the word. It is usual for museums and cultural or historic institutions to have a separate support organization and VAHF is the support mechanism for the PFM. VAHF will be responsible for all fundraising activities to initiate new projects and maintain the museum, and PFM will be responsible for managing and displaying the artifacts. The two organizations will share space at Old Kingsbury Aerodrome, a 100-acre plus facility complete with grass runway, located in Kingsbury, just outside of Seguin, Texas, 45 minutes from San Antonio on IH-10.

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