What is VAHF?

Have you ever wondered what it might have felt like to be at Kitty Hawk, one fateful December day in 1903, when a bicycle mechanic from Ohio named Orville Wright first took to the air aboard his fragile powered flying machine and skipped through the air those few precious feet? Who among us hasn't marveled at photographs and faded film footage of the great events in aviation history and longed to know what it was like to be there? The Vintage Aviation Historical Foundation (VAHF) was established for people just like you.

WWI Re-Enactors

Registered as a non-profit corporation 501(c)3 in the State of Texas, the primary function of VAHF is to bring together people who share the same passion for the pioneer days and the golden age of aviation, at the same time providing support for the Pioneer Flight Museum, a living history museum featuring vintage aircraft that actually fly. VAHF and the Pioneer Flight Museum will be based at Old Kingsbury Aerodrome in Kingsbury, Texas, less than an hour's drive from downtown San Antonio and Austin, a little over two hours from Houston. Future plans for the site include an authentic period village together with a private research facility for historians and foundation members. Our location is appropriate since so much flying history has taken place in the Lone Star State.

Thomas-Morse Scout in flight

Convenient access and virtually year-round flying weather will attract visitors from all over the globe. Membership in VAHF is offered for the nominal fee of $25 for individual or $40 for families. (Business and corporate memberships are also available - please call for details). Members receive a card and subscription to our quarterly newsletter, plus periodic bulletins giving news on upcoming events. The annual Membership Meet and Fly-in gives us all a chance to get to know each other in the style of the old flying "meets", complete with food, battle re-enactments, model stunt flyers, fun and games for the kids, vintage car rides and of course airplane joyrides. Admission to the event is FREE to members. This is an active organization designed for member participation. Everyone is invited: pilots, historians, collectors, re-enactors, writers, photographers - whatever your area of interest. Above all VAHF is a family-oriented organization. If you are interested in joining, you can download a membership application form, or call for more information.


Contact us:

190 Pershing Lane
Kingsbury, TX 78638
Email for info

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